The celebration of the World Mental Health Day

In the context of the celebration of the World Mental Health Day, on the tenth of October every year, under the auspices of Dr. Menen Abdul Maqsoud, General Secretary of the General Secretariat for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment, Dr. Rania Zakaria, Director General of Hospital Management, Dr. Hatem Naji H Subject of General Manager of the Hospital and follow-up Mrs. Mona El-Sayed / Manager Financial and administrative affairs in the hospital and Mrs. Mona Tam, Director of the Department of Public Relations, Media, and Health Education in the Secretariat and supervision of the Public Relations Department of the hospital headed by Mr. Nashwa Fawzi, Al-Abbasiya Hospital celebrated this day by lighting the hospital buildings in green color and it was The slogan of the International Day, over two days, as the service management team did Socialization in the hospital headed by Dr. Abeer Esmat to do psychological awareness in the adolescents clinic for patients' families

Eligibility management team was also chaired by Dr. Asmaa Abdel Fattah is doing psychological awareness in the outpatient clinic for patients and holding competitions and entertainment activities for patients in the qualification unit

Then a match started between the psychological team and the people recovered from addiction, and Dr. Hatim Naji Hamada, the general manager of the hospital, handed over the cup and medals to the participating teams, amidst the presence of some channels and media sites, followed by lyrics by the young singer Mahmoud Mansour amidst interaction Of the attendants

A tribute to everyone who contributed to the success of the day and putting happiness on the faces of patients