The Minister of Health discusses the preparations under way in preparation for launching an initiative to support citizens' mental health

In the context of taking care of the public health of citizens..

The Minister of Health discusses the preparations under way in preparation for launching an initiative to support citizens' mental health

Minister of Health affirms importance of mental health initiatives and programs for different ages

The Minister of Health follows up on the workflow of mental health services provided to different segments of the society


Dr. Khaled Abdul Ghaffar, Minister of Health and Population, reaffirmed his full support for initiatives and programs related to mental health and instilling a culture of recovery from psychological disorders, and rehabilitation, which contribute to improving the quality of life of citizens and countering changes that plague communities.

This came during a meeting chaired by Dr. Khaled Abdul Ghaffar, Minister of Health and Population, on Sunday evening, to continue preparations for launching an initiative aimed at supporting mental health of various age groups, as part of the state's efforts to take care of citizens' public health.

Ministry of Health and Population Spokesman Dr. Hossam Abdul Ghaffar said that during the meeting, the minister discussed axes and mechanisms of the initiative focusing on (research hub, awareness hub, service hub for medical facilities, tele-provided services).

Abdul Ghaffar explained that the minister discussed the mechanisms of updating the national scanning tools for psychological disorders, drug abuse, disability, and the impact of the Corona pandemic on the mental health of citizens, as well as updating the map of treatment of addiction patients, emphasizing the importance of the research hub in T Proper mental health services planning, behavioral analysis of individuals with mental disorders, and availability Psychiatric services and facilitating the integration of patients into the community.

Abdul Ghaffar pointed out that the Minister emphasized the importance of mental health education and awareness campaigns targeting different ages, their importance to the individual and society, to reduce the spread of negative psychological phenomena, to change the misconceptions of citizens and to remove the stigma of mental illness, which contributes to D of some psychological phenomena that have recently been prevalent in communities.

The meeting continued to discuss mechanisms of integration of mental health services, within medical care services provided to citizens in coordination with different sectors of the ministry, and the training of health service providers on guidance evidence to diagnose psychological diseases through courses and dissemination programs Introduction to (doctors,nurses,psychologist and social worker)

Abdul Ghaffar added that the minister - also - checked the workflow of mental health services and counseling provided “remotely” through the hotlines, the national online platform for mental health services and addiction treatment, where the platform had received 48,000 visitors within 5 months since its launch. It is directed to increase the workforce working with those electronic services.

Abdul Ghaffar said that the minister is following up with the ongoing preparations of centers of excellence dedicated to treating children with autism, which includes 6 centers distributed in the governorates.

Abdul Ghaffar revealed that the minister emphasized the importance of integrating mental health initiatives for school students, following the mechanisms of implementation of the school mental health program in educational institutions, which was applied to a number of schools in 2017, aimed at circulating this model aimed at helping the students of the schools. Educators to promote understanding of the importance of mental health in the school environment Monitor child development, provide appropriate interventions for those with psychological disorders, and distinguish signs of mental illness and stress that appear to children.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Mohammed Hassani, Assistant Minister of Health for Public Health Initiatives, and Dr. Menen Abdul Maqsoud, Head of the General Secretariat for Mental Health in the Ministry of Health.